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  1. Overview
    1. SalesForce is a CRM application that sits on the top of cloud platform Force.com also called  SalesForce platform.
    2. This platform can be used to develop custom cloud apps with almost no coding 
    3. For me this platform is somewhat similar to Access on cloud with lot of customization and workflow features.

  2. Where to use (Use Cases)
    1. Prime candidate for adaption of  SalesForce platform is Data Centric applications that involved business logic like workflows
    2. it is not a platform for plain text and high end graphics based website development.
  3. Getting Started 
    1. Perquisite 
      1. Account Setup : Sign-in for Develop account on https://developer.salesforce.com
    2. Watch videos Tutorial  Introduction to Force.com
    3. Execute a quick Hands-on tutorial  Force.com Workbook (PDF Version)  (HTML Version)
    4. Skim through Advance Tutorials   Force.com Platform Fundamentals
  4. Resources 
    1. Books
      1. Development with the Force.com Platform: Building Business Applications in the Cloud (3rd Edition) (Developer's Library)
      2. Force.com Developer Certification Handbook (DEV401)
    2. Developer Guide Link
  5. Further Discussion
    1. Master-detail relationships vs lookups
    2. Forum Question : Unable to view apps on salesforce1 mobile app