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H.Workflow Foundation (WF)

  1. What is Workflow Foundation
    1. Workflow Foundation  provide a way of describing the order of execution and dependent relationships between pieces of short- or long-running work. This work passes through the model from start to finish, and activities might be executed by people or by system functions.
  2. When to use  Workflow Foundation
    1. When you are building Application that involves complex data flow and decision making (Like Approval) logic that are hard to manage in conventional ways. 
    2. SharePoint is very well known application that uses Workflow for Managing Content Approval.
    3. When you need to build complex rule base Wizard kind of things 
    4. When you have very complex business rule processing (see case study section for details)
  3. Perquisite 
    1. Visual Studio
  4. Getting Started 
    1. Videos
      1. Getting Started Videos
        1. Creating Your First Sequential Workflow
        2. Executing workflows
        3. Working with data in workflows
        4. ITPro-MSDN-winvideo-mdb_wf4_04.wmv
        5. HDI-ITPro-msdn-winvideo-Activity_designers.wmv
        6. HDI-ITPro-msdn-winvideo-Workflow_services(1).wmv
        7. HDI-ITPro-MSDN-winvideo-mdb_wf4_07.wmv
        8. HDI-ITPro-MSDN-winvideo-mdb_wf4_08.wmv
        9. DI-ITPro-MSDN-winvideo-mdb_wf4_09.wmv
        10. HDI-ITPro-MSDN-winvideo-mdb_wf4_10.wmv
        11. HDI-ITPro-MSDN-winvideo-mdb_wf4_11.wmv
        12. HDI-ITPro-MSDN-winvideo-mdb_wf4_12.wmv
    2. Read some overview Tutorials
      1. Windows Workflow Foundation Overview
    3. Hands On Lab 
      1. Getting Started Tutorial [Version 4.0]
      2. Getting Started Tutorial [Version 4.5] 
      3. Hands On Lab: Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation (WF4) by Ron Jacobs (Microsoft)
  5. Workflow Code Samples
    1. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms741723(v=vs.90).aspx
  6. Advance Topics
    1. TODO
  7. Case Studies 
    1. Italian Railway Police Automates its Document Management and Workflow
    2. Case Studies By Microsoft Workflow Team
    3. endpoint.tv - WF4 in the Real World - Microsoft Support ASP.NET MVC Wizard Framework
    4. endpoint.tv - Workflow in the Real World @ Red Prairie
  8. Related Technologies 
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  9. Related Tools
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  10. Best Practices (Dos and Don`t Dos) 
    1. Best Practices For Windows Workflow Foundation Apps
  11. Recommended Books
    1. Beginners :
    2. Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation Step by Step (Microsoft Windows Step by Step) by Kenn Scribner
    3. Expert 
    4. Pro WF: Windows Workflow in .NET 4
    5. Guru 
    6. Essential Windows Workflow Foundation by Dharma Shukla
    7. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/9854.windows-workflow-wf-books.aspx
  12. Discussions (FAQs) 
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  13. Additional References
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