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Y.WCF Data Service

  1. What is WCF Data Service
    1. WCF Data Service is technology of exposing databases over the web on HTTP confirming OData protocols.
    2. OData Protocol is an emerging standard for sharing data across heterogeneous systems like PC and Mobiles.  
  2. When to use  WCF Data Service
    1. When you want to expose your database using REST based (ODATA) interface.
    2. Common example is to publish a product master catalog so that third parties can query directly over it.
  3. Perquisite 
    1. Visual Studio 2010
  4. Getting Started 
    1. Watch a Simple Demo Videos
      1. OData: There's a Feed for That : This video explains fundamentals of ODATA on which Data Services is based on.
      2. Build A Data Service using Entity Framework
      3. Build a WCF Data Services Using Any Data Source
      4. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/data/gg591296
    2. Read some overview Tutorials
      1. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/data/aa937697
    3. Hands On Lab 
      1. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/data/gg427655
    4. More Resources 
      1. WCF Data Services Team Blog
  5. Advance Topics
    1. How to Implement a Custom WCF Data Service (OData) Message Handler
    2. How to Implement Language Translation in WCF Data Service (OData) Part-1
    3. How to Implement Language Translation in WCF Data Service (OData) Part-2
    4. How to Parameterized Query Interceptor in WCF Data Service
    5. How to create a Custom Data Service Provider
  6. Related Technologies 
    1. Entity Framework : It is must know to get advance with OData Services.
    2. ASP.Net Web API : An alternative to OData Data Services , can be used for small amount of data.
  7. Related Tools
    1. WCF Data Services Client Utility  : Creates client proxy from command line.
    2. Open Data Protocol Visualizer     : Graphical tool for visualizing object and classes in metadata. 
    3. LINQPad                                    : Tool for testing LINQ quesries 
    4. OData Explorer                           : Helps to Analyse and test any ODATA Services.
    5. DS Extensions for CSV, TXT        :Adds TXT,CSV output support to data service.
    6. PowerPivot                                 : A well known extension of MS Excel that can consume ODATA feeds for analysis purpose. 
    7. Regression & Load Testing Tool   
    8. ODataFeedDownloadTool             : Helps to download multipage feeds along with performance data.
  8. Best Practices (Dos and Don`t Dos) 
    1. WCF Data Service (OData) Best Practices ,Dos and Don`t dos
  9. Recommended Books
    1. No Book particularly has been released on Data Services. But since it is based on Entity Framework so   Entity Framework books will be helpfull.
  10. Discussions (FAQs) 
    1. How to Series: Solving most frequently faced problems
    2. How to Add JSON support in WCF data Service
  11. Additional References
    1. OData Protocol Specifications and Related Links : Helps to understand OData syntax and features , also list several resources.
    2. Northwind Public OData website for Play around  : Example service by Microsoft can be used to learning purpose. 
    3. Links to Public OData Services  : Can be used for testing and learning purpose.