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Sync Framework

  1. What is Sync Framework
  2. Microsoft Sync Framework includes all of the things required to integrate applications into an offline or collaboration based network, by using the pre-created providers or writing new custom providers. Providers enable any data source to participate in data synchronization regardless of network or device type
  3. When to use  Sync Framework
    1. To develop applications that can work in offline or collaboration mode.
  4. Perquisite 
    1. Visual Studio
    2. Expression Blend (For Advance UI Design)
  5. Getting Started 
    1. Watch a Simple Demo Videos
      1. Introduction to Microsoft Sync Framework 
      2. Implementing Solutions that Leverage Microsoft Sync Framework
      3. Introduction to Sync Services for ADO.NET and the Visual Studio Designer
    1. Read some overview Tutorials
      1. Introduction to Microsoft Sync Framework
    2. Hands On Lab 
      1. TODO
  6. Related Tools
    1. Microsoft Sync Framework SDK
    2. SyncToy
    3. Synchronization Services for ADO.NET
  7. Best Practices (Dos and Don`t Dos) 
    1. N/A
  8. Recommended Books
    1. No Good books in the market , MSDN is only solution for now.
  9. Discussions (FAQs) 
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  10. Additional References
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