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Managed Extensibility Framework(MEF)

[Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)]
  1. What is MEF
    1. MEF is a Composition based Extensibility framework that can be used by both First and third parties to extent application features.
    2. It is based on Composition automatic discovery logic that allow components to be developed separately and then framework pick all required components at run time and put them together make them work like a single unit.  
  2. When to use  MEF
    1. When you have a large application in which classes are holding instances of other classes and you don`t want tight coupling during object initialization like x=new MyClass.
    2. if you want an alternative way of dependency injection with automated discovery  
  3. Perquisite 
    1. Visual Studio 2010
  4. Getting Started 
    1. Watch a Simple Demo Videos
      1. 10-4 Episode 26: Creating Extensible Applications with the Managed Extensibility Framework
      2. MEF in the real world
      3. Managed Extensibility Framework: Overview
      4. 10-4 Episode 32: MEF Preview 7
    1. Read some overview Tutorials
      1. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd460648.aspx
    2. Hands On Lab 
      1. Lab Overview
      2. Exercise 1: Using MEF to Extend an Application
      3. Exercise 2: Using Metadata and Lazy-Loading Modules
      4. Exercise 3: Using MEF and Silverlight 4
    3. More Resources 
      1. None
  1. Advance Topics
    1. TODO
  2. Related Technologies 
    1. MEF
  3. Best Practices (Dos and Don`t Dos) 
    1. TODO
  4. Discussions (FAQs) 
    1. MEF Vs MAF?
  5. Recommended Books
    1. No book has been released yet.
  6. Additional References
    1. MEF Home : http://mef.codeplex.com/
    2. Documentation http://mef.codeplex.com/documentation