What is cloud computing
Cloud computing is not something very new , Backbone of cloud computing is Data Centers and they have been for more that 20 years. However with lot of automation developed for automating day to day data center operation invented a whole new world called Cloud Computing that is actually for marketplace but not for technology world

Fundamental goal of cloud computing is to reduce upfront cost of infrastructure and providing virtually unlimited resources on demand basis. It it mainly price driven technology world. This page will try to help you to understand general cloud term.

What is cloud

A Pool of Virtually unlimited computing resources like Drive Space , Processor etc. along with very strong management tool and technology is called cloud. I defined cloud like below

Physical hardware>>Virtual Hardware>>+Management Tool and APIs = Cloud Resources + Application >>Cloud Computing

What problem cloud solves

Cloud mainly solve problems like Scalability, Elasticity , Start-up cost , Expertise Requirement in Infrastructure maintenance, Reliability  and Efficient Failover.

Who should go for Cloud based solution

Small and mid size business that do have have enough expertise and  money to develop infrastructure  for data center 

What Benefit Developer Will Get

Cloud computing is supposed to generate lot of Jobs for developer because not lot of organisation are opting cloud and several application will be moved on cloud that will need to ported and migrated.

What Benefit  IT Professional will Get

IT Professional will Benefit most of it. A lot of administration and devlopment activities will be in pipeline for IT Professional 

What is the future of cloud computing in India

Microsoft commissioned a study by research firm IDC (International Data Corporation) to gauge how many jobs would be created in the area of cloud computing by 2015. The results were favorable, considering the slump the job markets in the US and Europe have been experiencing since the "Great Recession."  For India alone, because companies are becoming dependent upon the necessity of entering the cloud, over two million jobs will need to be created.Read more: http://technorati.com/technology/cloud-computing/article/more-cloud-computing-jobs-for-india/#ixzz1q9LlxItD

What are the main cloud Type

  • Public : Theses are hosted in public domain and any one can access it like Gmail or Hotmail.
  • Private: Organization`s own data centers that is not accessible out side corp network
  • Hybrid : Mix of both above.
  • Community : Multiple Organization participate to development of a common cloud for a common cause, it is usually more interoperable and standardized.  

What services cloud offer.

Fundamentally could is designed to provide any mix of below mentioned services

  • Infrastructure As a Service (IaaS) : Service provider provides on demand computing resources like virtual computers, Disk Space , Processors etc.
  • Platform As a Service (PaaS):Service provider provides on demand development resources such as Visual Studio , SQL Server using which developer can develp and install their application
  • Software As a Service (SaaS):Service provider provides on demand ready to use application and computing resource required by application. Gmail and Hotmail is very good example.

What is advantage of using Cloud Advantage

  • Cloud decouples software development from infrastructure development , you just develop and deploy on infrastructure provided by someoneelse.
  • It reduces start up cost of business and provide great deal of application saleability.

What are the downside of using Cloud

  • Network Latency: Cloud run over network and Latency is a big bottleneck however with increases of internet bandwidth future of cloud is bright.
  • Coordination : Cloud is distributed platform and coordination is major challenge but new family of software like SQL Azure has buit-in support for the same.
  • Legacy Compliance : In cloud data stored across different legacy boundaries as result for same data different regulatory compliance are applicable that makes development complex  
  • Security : Being a distributed application cloud is much venerable against external attack that make cloud application development more complex.

What are major Cloud Providers

  • Amazon : Known as Amazon Web Service (AWS) As of now Amazon is number one provider in IaaS cloud services,
  • Google : Known as Google Web Services (GWS) is a largest PaaS provider
  • Microsoft :Known and Azure. It has vision ahead of AWS and GWS and provide both services PASS and IAAS. Microsoft will definitely capture cloud market in future because of it unique service offering and free office

What are Top Cloud Application 

  • All Google Services 
  • Microsoft Azure 
  • SalesForce.com

How Pricing works for Cloud

There are two fundamentals model of cloud pricing Pay As you Go and fixed pricing
  • Pay As you Go: you pay for actual resource consumed by your application such as network and storage space
  • Fixed Pricing: You lease certain amount of computing resources and increase and decrease as required , AWS works in this model. 

How cloud application differ from normal application.

Cloud application are stateless

What are top Challenges in cloud computing

  • Load balancing in cloud : Efficient  load balancing is key to successful cloud without which could won`t be scalable. There are several level and places (Switches , Server , Service Bus etc) in cloud computing where load balancing can be applied. This topic will be explain in more details in Cloud for IT Professional Section.
  • Network Connectivity : Reliable network connectivity is key to success of cloud business . Also consistent monitoring is very important in cloud.
  • Capacity Planning :Capacity planning is intend to predict load of future and allocating required resource of at that point of time. For example network uses goes too high on Black Monday for cloud based sales application and service provider need to be ready for this workload increase and he need to plan required capacity well in advance.

What are the Cloud Standard in use

  • Distributed Management Task Force
  • Visualization Management Intiative(VMA)
  • Open Visualization format
  • Open Cloud Standard
  • Cloud Commons
  • Service Measurement Index

What are Major Cloud Building Software

  • VMware Infrastructure: VMWare is market leader in visualization , it offer several tool and technology for desktop and client visualization. VMWare workstation is well known desktop virtualization product 
  • Microsoft HyperV: Microsoft is also catching up this space with its HyperV product shipped with Windows Server 2008 R2. Microsoft also offer free desktop virtualization software call MS Virtual PC

What is Virtualization 

It is a technology that enables a create logical machines on a jumbo size hardware. Theses logical machine are simulate a full computer called virtual machine for which you can easy fine tune RAM , processor and other hardware at run time on the fly, that gives more flexibility to IT support staff.

What are the Type of Virtualization

  • Full Visualization
  • Para Visualization
  • Emulation

What is Virtual Application

Application installed on virtual machines.

What is Virtual Machine

Simulated computers running on physical machines.

What is Hypervisior 

A virtual machine management environment that makes creation and  development of virtual machine lot easier.

How Cloud Computing and SOA is related to each other

Cloud computing is a distributed environment so all the SOA principles are applied to cloud computing

What is Enterprise Service Bus

It is an SOA architectural patterns for connecting component and services in a loosely coupled manner 

What is Service Catalog

A directory where client can search the services that it need to consume.

What is Windows App Fabric 

Windows Server App Fabric is provided as extensions to the Application Server role of Windows Server, and an application is free to use its parts separately or together. Goal of Windows Server App Fabric is to provide a set of extensions to Windows Server, Microsoft aims at making it easier for Windows developers to create faster, more scalable, and more manageable applications.

What is Azure App Fabric

it is unrelated to windows app fabric and provide several connectivity services to the application connecting via cloud. A good example is service discovery and notification 

Who are the prime consumer of cloud application

Retail and eCommerce application that are supposed to grow over the time and mobile devices