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Chain of Responsibility (COR) Pattern

  1. Summary 
    1. It allows an object to send a command without knowing what object will receive and handle it and if multiple handler then they will them self decide that which one will handle it. 
    2. It is generally achieved by creating linked list of handlers and command request is sent from one object to another object across the chain until one of the objects will handle it.
  2. Overview 
    1. http://www.oodesign.com/chain-of-responsibility-pattern.html
  3. Implementation
    1. Client holds an instance of absolute handler (List Head)
    2. Each handler holds a reference to next handler object.
    3. Concrete handlers (hold in absolute references) will actually implement the behavior.
  4. Example 
    1. Email Spam handlers
  5. Specific Consideration
    1. TODO