g.Template View Pattern

This Pattern is out of the box supported by most of the server technologies like ASP.Net, JSP and ASP.Net MVC
  1. Motivation
    1. Renders information into HTML by embedding markers in an HTML page.
  2. Summary
    1. This pattern is used to create static pages with static marker stub that got replaced at run time either by some computation or some database calls.
    2. A lot of tools use Template View. As a result this pattern isn't about how to build one yourself.
    3. Technologies like ASP.Net and ASP.Net MVC provides out of the box implementation.
    4. One of the most popular forms of Template View is a server page such as ASP, JSP, or PHP.

  3. When to Use
    1. We hardily need handcrafting and most of latest programming frameworks provides built in supports.
  4. Related Patterns
    1. Model View Controller is the main choice is between Template View.
    2. Transform View is an alternative to Template View.
  5. References
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