e.Record Set Pattern

  1. Motivation
    1. To represent tabular data in memory.
  2. Summary
    1. A Record Set is usually something that you won't build yourself, provided by the vendor of the software platform you're working with.
    2. Examples include the data set of ADO.NET and the row set of JDBC 2.0.
    3. It can be of connected or disconnected type.
    4. Data access libraries like ADO.Net DataSets provides out of the box implementation so there is no need of custom implementation
  3. Example 
    1. ADO.Net Record Set
  4. Related Patterns
    1. Data Transfer Object  : if you can then easily serialize the Record Set it can also act as a Data Transfer Object for an application. 
    2. Unit of Work :Pattern to handle disconnected read write 
    3. Optimistic Offline Lock : can be used for conflict resolution.
  5. Related Technologies 
    1. ADO.NET
  6. References
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