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Architecture General

Code Reviews 

What should be the parameters of Code Review 

  1. Naming Conventions and Coding style = Low 
  2. Control Structures and Logical issues = Medium or High 
  3. Redundant Code = High 
  4. Performance Issues =High 
  5. Security Issues = High 
  6. Scalability Issues= High 
  7. Functional Issues =High 
  8. Error Handling = High 
  9. Reusability = Medium

Architecture Core 

Differences between Architecture and Design Patterns

  1. Architecture is about the designing the system from a more abstract view i.e. larger picture
  2. Design Patterns actually implementation techniques provides a generalized solution to a specific problem. Read More...

Software Documentations 

What are the things you include in a Software Proposal Document.

Proposal document usually contains flowing sections like ,
  1. InScope Requirements
  2. Out of Scope
  3. Constraints
  4. Operating Environment 
  5. High level  estimation
  6. High level solution i.e. System Components and Component flow diagrams, 
  7. Technology Stack 
  8. Project Risk.

What are the things you include in a High Level Design Document (HLD).

What are the things you include in a Low Level Design Document (LLD).

How you decide the technology stack 

How do you do project Estimations.

What Estimation Model you use for your project 

Wow do you do resource loading in your project

Real Life Problems and Solutions and Case Studiese

How to Build High Scalability and High Availability Website?

How to Build High Scalability and High Availability Databases?